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Our Project

Our Curriculum has been inspired by the research done by Helena Curtain since the early 1990's and all the findings done by Stephen Krashen and Howard Gartner.

Language acquisition Research


(Culture in the classroom)


(Using the Target Language & providing Comprehensible Input)

(The importance of thematic teaching)


Stephen Krasen


Helena Curtain

At Spanish All Year we had been able to translate all of these great research into a curriculum that is unique and well thought out, where we have been able to pour all our talents and all our collective experiences.

That is how we came out in 2001 with the idea of using a cultural Approach where families would come to learn about the Spanish Language and Culture through Our Art, Cooking, Dance and Story Time.

Ever since that first day of our center we had been researching to find the most representative artist and techniques used throughout Latin America.

Explored all the most delicious flavors found in the encounter of three cultures (Indigenous, European and African) that came together to coexist after 1492.

We created a potpourri of rhythms that take you around the Spanish Speaking World, starting from Spain all the way to Argentina. Collected stories familiar to our students to facilitate and promote in all our classes a very high level of comprehensible input.

Added all the details to our celebrations starting in October with the Day of the Dead and ending with our Culminating Recital in June, where all our families come to create memories year after year by witnessing the talent of our students, listen to live music, have a picnic and take home a delicious recipe our students prepare and share with their families.

Spanish All Year is a program organized to take place All Year long, our program starts in September and graduates in June followed by our Summer Program. We have four Sessions a year of nine weeks each and had built two extra weeks to allow make ups due to inclement weather. We are closed the week of Thanksgiving starting that Thursday through Saturday, Christmas and New Year week, Winter break, Good Friday and July 4th.

Benefits of Being Bilingual:

Learning a second language at an early age…

*Fosters a sense of humanity and friendship.

*Has a positive effect on intellectual growth.

*Enriches and enhances a child’s mental development.

*Leaves students with more flexibility in thinking, greater

sensitivity to language, and a better understanding of his/native


*Gives a child the ability to communicate with people he/she would

otherwise not have the chance to know.

*Open the doors to other cultures and helps a child understand and

appreciate people from other countries.

*Gives a student a head start in language requirements for college.

*Increases job opportunities in many careers where knowing

another language is a real asset.

(According to: The New York State Syllabus for Foreign Languages, Modern Languages for Communication. 1987)

In everything that we do, we are always trying to create a context that is as close as possible to the real cultural experience that we are trying to recreate. Our ultimate goal is for our students to be able to have meaningful experiences in a Spanish Speaking Community and be able to function in any of the twenty one Spanish speaking nations of the world.